Football Manager Diary S2 – Season Review

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Bristol Rovers – Johnstones Paint champions. League 2 champions.


What a season, lets review it.

Heres the final league table

296 - Final League

What a relief in the end, I was convinced we were going to throw it away.

Heres the squad stats

297 squad

Lawrence was the real star, tho Derbyshire did amazingly well after what looked like a difficult start. He’s one of the few players whos contract is about to run out, so I may have to keep him for another year.

Its worth mentioning the playoff results too. Oxford were in them, won the 1st leg of their semi 3-1 then

300 - Oxford lol


The Premiership finished like this

301 Prem

Awards are in, firstly the League ones.

302 Player of Year

AWESOME. Team of the year sees 3 of our players in

304 team of year

Then the big one

303 Manager of Year



The season review is in too

312 review 313 review

Player of the year is no suprise

314 POTY

And our team of the year is no suprise

315 - TOTY 316 TOTY

Into the bets 11 come a couple of players too

317 Best 11 318 Best 11

Cant believe White is in there instead of Brunt

Before we go lets do a review for the transfers for next year

Goalkeeper and Defence
305 - GK + DF

Goalkeeper is pretty solid, tho I wouldnt have any kind of issue with bringing in someone if theres a better option on the market

I like my defence an a lot of it is only due to get better. Both in full back and centre back we have decent depth. I may look at selling Bradley and Chantler tho, and possibly Lockyer if I do decide to bring someone in.

306 MF

It’s been a good season for the 3 of Horsfield, Atkinson and Sinnott. Gonzalez has regressed tho. Lawrence is amazing.

Midfield probably needs some depth, and I’m considering bringing in some more players. This is definately Guillaume leaving tho, I’m gonna miss him

307 ST

Derbyshire was amazing after a bad start, but both he and Johnson are a year older and probably a year worse. Derbyshires contract is about to end and I dont think I’m signing him to a new one. Brunt is still good, but not good enough for League 1 I think. Zapata and Fletcher both need time to develop

Lets get onto the season