Football Manager Diary S3 – September – This is now a Peter Crouch Blog

Football Manager 2014 LogoIts been an almost perfect start, the only downside being a losst to West Ham in the cup. Despite that we’ve got something missing, and its deadline day, so Im going TRANSFER MAD

First priority is a keeper as our 1st choice is currently injured, and that gets sorted quickly

345 Vandenbussche

A month loan for Vandenbussche from Gent who was probably the best loan option out there.

He’s followed by another loanee striker.

344 Monachello

Monachello doesnt look amazing stats wise apart from that sweet 15 in finishing.

Plus another

346 Fulton

Fulton comes in on loan to give us a midfield option while Atkinson is out. And another

347 Kelly

Kelly looks a decent player, and should do good.

Theres also 2 permanent signings

351 Corry

Corry looks a good midfielder, but hes followed by a potential superstar

349 Katuka


Look t the contract he had to sign tho

350 Katuka contract


So after all that how does our squad look

354 - Squad

I fucking love it

5-9-15 – Tranmere (11th) vs Bristol Rovers (1st)

Katuka, Vandenbussche and Monachello make debuts in out 41221 with wingers formation

355 formation

Its all Katuka early on, he crosses and Crouchy is unlucky. Lawrence forces a good save then as its all Bristol.

So Tranmere score with their first shot. ugh.

Sinnott tries to lob the keeper from range but its saved and Katuka cant grab the rebound. FFS.

I make some subs and switch back to the normal narrow 41212 with Monachello coming on as a striker. He gets a chance, but its well saved. Tranmere then attack and get another goal with 19 minutes left, curling in a stunner. Whos the scorer?

356 max power


With 5 minutes to go we break and Monachello goes through and grabs a goal, but thats all we can get

357 stats


Tranmere 2-1 Bristol Rovers
Stockton (22) Max Power (71) – Monachello (86)
League Position – 1st


12-9-15 Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Peterborough (3rd)

Playing the 2 man strike force, with Monachello up top. Peterborough beat us last time so this is a big match. They also have Damien Duff in their line up.

Crouchy has an early shot saved. Katuka smashes one off the bar, and we head into half time at 0-0 with us having 8 shots to their 1.

In the 2nd half Monachello has a shot saved, and from the rebound Katukas shot is pushed wide. Katukat puts Kellett through, but its saved. Crouchy then hits the bar as we pressure. I bring on a bunch of players but its making no difference.

With 8 minutes left Peterborough get their first shot on target and this might shock you….

they score with their fucking cunting first shot on bollocksing target

Into the dying seconds and we get an attack, Sinnott bundles through and cuts it back to Lawrence who scores!!!

Thank fuck.

358 stats

Bristol Rovers 1-1 Peterborough
Lawrence (90+2) – Nabi (83)
League Position – 1st

Bring back Mannone ffs.

16-9-15 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Blackpool (12th)



359 stats

Bristol Rovers 0-0 Blackpool
League Position – 1st


My best idea is to work on motivation. First off, slag off the next opposition manager

360 Pulis

Hmm…. maybe that will inspire his team.

19-9-15 Bolton (13th) vs Bristol Rovers (1st)

Mannone is back, but at 73% fitness. I’m playing him anyway as the loan keepers been shit.

4 mins in O’Neill gets down the right, crosses to Monachello who puls the ball down and plays it to Katuka to tap in! Monachello has a shot well saved as we push on. With 30 mins gone we’re looking comfortable and a ball from Brando sees Crouch get the ball and chip the keeper!

Peter Crouch Robot Dance

With seconds before half time Mannone makes a save, but the ball falls to another Bolton player and he scores.

15 minutes into the second half I bring on Lawrence for the injured Katuka, and Brunt for Monachello. Unfortunately seconds later a really nice move from Bolton is finished off and they equalise.

With 15 minutes to go a long ball gets past the defence and Bolton take the lead. FUCK. 6 minutes later its 4-2 with our defence nowhere Lester smashes in.

4 mins left and a free kick is hoisted into the box and Brunt unmarked heads in to make it 4-3, but thats it.

Bolton 4-3 Bristol Rovers
Lester (45+3, 81), Yesil (60), Asensio (75) – Katuka (4) Crouch (34), Brunt (87)
League Position – 3rd

arggghh. Its our defence isnt it.

I end Kellys loan, as he isnt playing and showing no signs. I also send the loan keeper back.

So I can loan someone else.

361 loan nostrils

Look at the nostrils on that.

One more match this month

28-9-15 – Oldham (1st) vs Bristol Rovers (1st)

We’re underdogs, and its 3-1 on a win. Worth a tenner surely. They’re now leaders in the league.

Trying the wingers formation again, with Katuka and Lawrence.

A good move on the left sees Katuka do well, then cut it back to Horsfield who scores. 5 minutes later its Katuka again, this time stealing the ball and then scoring! He’s on fire, and creates another on 35 minutes, crossing for Corry to score his 1st. Corry should get another after good work from Lawrence, but his shot is saved.

Where the fuck has ths performance come from?

In the 2nd Crouchy is winning everything and providing knock downs. He gets the ball back to Sinnott who plays it to Katuka who shoots just wide. Sinnott then shoots wide from range. The match ends with a great victory.

Oldham didnt have a single highlight, and only 3 shots to our 17.

Oldham 0-3 Bristol Rovers
Horsfield (14), Katuka (21), Corry (35)
League Position – 1st

So thats the month over

362 board

Jesus, we lost 398k???? I know I sign a lot of players but we’re under the wage budget.

League looks like this

363 league

Huge over performance. This months been a bit of a shocker tho