Football Manager Diary Season 3 – 2015-16 – Preseason. A legend is born.

Football Manager 2014 LogoSo now we’re into season 3, after 2 promotions and 2 cup wins. If I’ honest I expect the run to come to an end this year. We’re probably not strong enough to win the League, tho this is probably my last chance to make some signings, overhaul the team, and then get promoted.

The season review has identified a few key areas we need to improved. (all of them)

I’m quick to arrange the friendlies, against a bunch of foreign teams so we can bring in some money

The team meeting goes ok, with me being reserved.

298 Team Meeting

The board are happy too

299 board review

We get a new bumper sponsorship deal

308 Sponsors

And the board set the budgets

309 Budget

Some sad news hits

310 Guillaume

I cant let him go tho

311 Guillaume new

The board offer me three budgets for next season

319 - Board

Hmmmmmmmmm. I choose the bottom one, since THERES NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE

Irie Bi departs us on a free transfer. He spent most of the season in the reserves so its no shock. Mark Bradley is also gone, to Kilmarock for 25k, and Chris Chantler for a massive 185k!

Templeman retires, I offer him a job as a coach


He accepts!

I make my first signing

320 Gobern

He’s a decent all rounder and contract not too big

But I follow that with someone even better



Peter Crouch Robot Dance

Long time Taff Football Manager diary lovers will remember me having an epic run with Crouch in my game with West Ham.

He’s gonna rip League 1 a new arsehole

Steve Arnold, our keeper whos been amazing, becomes subject of a 250k bid from Fulham. I’m gonna let him go. Gonzalez follows him out of the door for 300k. Both of those players cost us nothing

I make another signing on a free

322 Bahamboula

I immediately nickname him The Baha Man, as I cant be bothered typing his name in every time.

I also sign a loanee

323 Adjoran

He’ll be good to rotate with Lawrence.

Another one out the door is young Goalie Billy O’Brien for 89k.

I sign a top defender

324 - zaliukas

Theres another in – an ex Arsenal youth player.

325 - Brando

I dont like his name either. I rename him BRANDO.

Another defender is in

326 - Hewitt

And hes followed by a replacement keeper with Premier league experience

327 keeper

I hope he doesnt do this

And a new DM

328 - Lavigne

And another new DM

329 - Charni

and a CB

330 - ONein

LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS. He’ll make a great guy to partner Tom Parkes

24 - Parkes

The odds for the season are in

331 Odds

Hmmm. 20-1 is really outsider.

So thats the end of preseason, lets look at the transfers and the squad

333 Transfers 332 - Squad

Goalie has been a massive upgrade. Defence wise we’ve got a lot of potential, but maybe just lacking a little quality. In the midfield theres more strength and depth now. Up front Crouchy could be a real legend, aside from that this could be a big season for Fletcher to step up