Running Man – Worsley Woods Park Run 16-08-2014

parkrun logoIve had a bad few weeks. Injuries and not doing well


I’m back baby.

Worsley Woods Park Run 16-08-2014

16-8 route16-8 climb16-8 splitsI didnt feel great. I had a chinese last night and a few beers, and I didnt sleep well. Im also really excited as todays the opening day of the season and Im a season ticket holder for the first time, so my attentions on the match not the run.

But it just clicked, at 1k I was on 6 minutes, I thought if I hold this I nail my time. At 2k Im 18 seconds back, but thats ok, its a hard part. At 3k Im 22 seconds back, but I’ve done the hardest part. There was an older guy just in front of me who was pacing me well, and he seemed to be running about 30 minute pace so I was just keeping him there. I started to count as he ran past things to see how many seconds I was behind, it was about 7, so I picked it up. He had no headphones on, so could hear me, and started to pick it up too. As I got to 4k my time was saying 24.55 and I knew I’d have to get going, so I started really pushing. The guy really motivated me, as as I went past him he picked up the pace.

I crossed the finishing line and my watch said 30:06. I turned to the guy and thanked him for helping me keep pace, and said I felt bad for passing him and he said “dont, as soon as you went past me I had someone to chase and keep going”.

The wait for the official time was long

16-8 result


So close! I really didnt think there was any chance of a PB.

Rach ran a different park run as she was back in Birmingham, and thouht she’d broke 30, and did an amazing 29:23