Football Manager Diary S3 – January – TRANSFER WINDOW!!!

Football Manager 2014 LogoWe’re top of the league and 9 points clear, what the fuck.

I thought this season we were going to struggle!

Its January tho and time to try and look at the squad again. A bunch of players have contracts up at the end of the season, so we sign a lot of them up to new contracts.

First up in the month is a FA Cup match and big bad BEBE will start. Ive been raving about him but in truth he’s been pretty average. Not poor, average. Looking at his stats hes better as a wide target man than a winger, so I change his role to that.

3-1-16 – Bristol Rovers vs Blackpool – FA Cup 2nd round

Corry gives us the lead when BEBE plays him in, what an assist. Sinnott then gets the second when Hewitt shoots, the ball rebounds and Bebe drags 4 players to him letting Sinnott tap in!

Then this happens

379 - mannone

Im assuming Mannone was distracted by something amazing Bebe was doing.

Crouchy bags our third when Sinnott goes through and gets tackled and the ball falls to Crouchy.

Peter Crouch Robot Dance

Havent seen that one in a while

At half time I notice something in the report

380 bebe

Holy shit.

Then just shortly into the 2nd half

381 BEBE


Mannone has to pull off a couple of saves, but its a good win!

Bristol Rovers 4-1 Blackpool
Corry (12), Sinnott (18), Crouch (39), Bebe (61) – Mannone own goal (21)
Through to the next round

Thats Bebes first properly good game. I’m so happy.

Oscar Gobern leaves us for 195k. He’d only made 6 appearences so it was a no brainer. Adam Jackson leaves on a free

5-1-16 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs MK Dons (17th)

Going to try a slightly different formation, with a 4231 with wingers and a AM.

Half an hour in we’re behind, with Eccleston getting behind the defence and scoring. Mannone has to make a good save from him again to keep us in front as its all MK Dons. A minute before half time Katuka gets down the right, crosses and Corry smashes a volley at Crouchy, it comes back to Corry and this time he hits the back of the net!

The second half starts slow, so with half an hour left I throw on 3 subs. Straight after I do Katuka gets injured. FUCK.

The man advantage tells, as they take the lead again. Thankfully Brunt off the bench latches onto a ball, and smashes in to equalise. With 10 minutes to go the Dons take the lead again, with Eccleston bagging his hattrick ffs.

Bristol Rovers 2-3 MK Dons
Corry (45), Brunt (77) – Eccleston (31, 63, 81)
League Position – 1st

Katukas out for 2 weeks.

I make a signing

381 Zubar

Better than any of my centrebacks.

9-1-16 – Doncaster (4th) vs Bristol Rovers (1st)

Zubar straight into the side

3 mins in and Hewitt crosses and….

Peter Crouch Robot Dance

Doncaster equalise when a shot straight at Mannone goes through him. FFS. Bebe goes through and shoots over as we go to half time.

Into the 2nd half and Atkinson has a shot well saved, then Crouchy gets injured and Brunt comes on. Its a draw

Doncaster 1-1 Bristol Rovers
Robinson (30) – Crouch (4)
League Position – 1st

I should note that at this point I took a break, a load of stuff needed sorting in the house with redecorating so I didnt have any time to play. After almost 2 weeks without playing I dived back in

And I didnt recognise my squad, lol.

19-1-16 – Mansfield (20th) vs Bristol Rovers (1st)

I probably at this point should have changed my tactic, but I got excited when I saw Bebe and insisted on playing a 41221 with wingers.

20 minutes in Corry goes through chasing a ball, and is brought down. Sinnott smashes the penalty home 1-0. 10 minutes before half time Hewitt beats out offside trap, and equalises for Mansfield. Its an even match and at half time theyve had 6 shots to our 5.

7 minutes into the 2nd half Mansfield take the lead. We have a good chance to equalise but Nein hits the post. I throw on some subs, but nothing comes of it. We end the match with 15 shots to their 8, but only 4 on target.

Mansfield 2-1 Bristol Rovers
Heitt (35) Taylor (52) – Sinnott (pen 24)
League Position – 1st

Next up is the FA Cup, so Im back to 41212 against a side from the league above us

23-1-16 – Sheff Wed vs Bristol Rovers (FA Cup)

Katuka has a few early chances, but theyre all saved. He gets another chance on 30 minutes, but this time shoots wide.

Into the second half and Crouchy gets in but he cant score. Bebe comes off the bench for Brunt and plays upfront, but he goes 1v1 and doesnt score either.

We had 10 shots to their 6.

Sheff Wed 0-0 Bristol Rovers
We got a replay

The draw comes out, and if we get through we’ll face Burnley.

I make a total panic signing

382 klasnic

Klasnics finishing is the main thing. 15 which is higher than anyone in my squad.

26-1-2016 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Rotherham (9th)

Klasnic straight in the side and he creates the 1st chance but Katukas shot is saved. Katuka then does well, and passes to Crouch, and he shoots…

Peter Crouch Robot Dance

fuck yeah.

At half time I encourage the boys.

And 15 minutes in Bowery heads in a corner to equalise for Rotherham. FFS.

Luckily I have Katuka, and he scores from a Brando cross.

What a relief.

Britol Rovers 2-1 Rotherham
Crouch (33), Katuka (64) – Bowery (61)
League Position – 1st

Thats the month over. Theres another day of the transfer window but I cant see anything happening.

Heres the board report

383 Board Jan

And the league

384 League

Can we keep this up?