Football Manager Diary S3 – October – Best Own Goal Ever

Football Manager 2014 LogoSo its been 2 months of the 3rd season, where I wasnt really expecting us to get anywhere near a hattrick of promotions, but its been suprisingly ok.

A steady first month has put us into a difficult second month where a mixed bag of results see’s us still near the top of the league.

3-10-15 Bristol Rovers (2nd) vs Charlton (20th)

Ive made a ridiculous decision here and tried to play a few players on the edge of the team. Di stefano, Lavigne, Edwards and Huws are all making their first starts of the season.

364 - Side

And then nothing happens for the entire 1st half.

Katuka starts the second half brightly having a shot pushed over. With 17 minutes left Charlton attack, and Hewitt slides in with a tackle – but the ball falls to another Charlton player who now has a tap in!

We push but to no avail FUCK.

Bristol Rovers 0-1 Charlton
Delogu (73)
League Position – 6th


Next up is the Johnstons paint trophy

6-10-15 – Bristol Rovers vs Coventry – Johnstones Paint Trophy

Right, squad overhauled. Coventry are in the league below us

1 minute in Coventry score… but its disalowed. Mannone makes a great save and that sparks a break that sees Lawrence get down the right and cross for Corry to head in!

We have shot after shot but dont get another, its a decent win tho.

Bristol Rovers 1-0 Coventry
Corry (19)
Into the next round

Hmm. I’m going to try switching back to the narrow formation with 2 strikers for the next one

10-10-15 – Crewe (1st) vs Bristol Rovers (6th)

We’re 3-1 outsiders.

Crouchy creates a chance for Nein, then on 36 minutes Katuka finishes from a cross. 7 minutes later Pogba (no, not Paul his brother Mathias) equalises from a free kick.

At half time its as even as it can be on the stats too, 50-50 posession, 6 shots each.

In the second half its pretty dead, with 10 minutes left Brunt tries to play Katuka through, but hes tackled and Crouchy runs onto it, shoots, its saved but the ball falls to brunt, and he scoooooores!

A great win!

Crewe 1-2 Bristol Rovers
Pogba (43) – Katuka (36), Brunt (83)
League Position -1st

We’re drawn against MK Dons in the 1/4 final south of the Johnstons paint trophy

17-10-15 – Chesterfield (9th) vs Bristol Rovers (2nd)

2 minutes in

Peter Crouch Robot Dance


Its been a while, whats been going on?

The rest of the half we dont really do anything, but neither do they. 9 minutes into the 2nd Katuka slips the ball through and running on is…

Peter Crouch Robot Dance


2 goals in the match!

20 minutes to go this happens

365 own goal

WTF Mannone

Monachello comes on and in the dying seconds grabs a goal, a shot from Lawrence is saved and falls to Monachello to score.

Chesterfield 1-3 Bristol Rovers
Mannone own goal (70) – Crouch (2, 54), Monachello (90)
League Position – 1st

Phwoooarrr. I hope we get another

20-10-15 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Portsmouth (15th)

The first half is dull as ditchwater. Into the second and I bring on Brunt, then Katuka but its still nothing. With 10 minutes left Brunt gets through but his shot is saved. Its a dull as ditchwater draw.

We had 11 shots, 2 on target. They had 2 shots

Bristol Rovers 0-0 Portsmouth
League Position 1st

2 more matches left in the month.

24-10-15 – Bristol Rovers (1st) vs Portsmouth (15th)

10 minutes in Katuka curls one in from the edge of the box to put us ahead. At half time Corrys slightly injured so I bring on Lawrence and put him in the AM position and drop Katuka into midfield.

3 minutes into the 2nd half Lawrence grabs a goal volleying in a Brando cross.

And thats it!

Bristol Rovers 2-0 Portsmouth
Katuka (10), Lawrence (48)
League Position – 1st

One more match in the month

31-10-15 – Walsall (21st) vs Bristol Rovers (1st)

Gonna play the 41221 formation with Katuka and Lawrence as AMs.

Mannone makes an early save then Walsall hit the bar. Crouchy plays a great ball to Brando but he shoots wide. At half time its 0-0.

Walsall take the lead with 20 minutes to go, so I switch to two strikers bringing on Brunt. He creaes a chance for Hewitt but he hits the post. Crouchy tries to chip the keeper, but its saved. With 6 minutes left Brunt goes through but shoots over. As I throw men forward Walsall grab a 2nd. FUCCKKK

Walsall 2-0 Bristol Rovers
Fernandez (68), Downing (91)
League Position – 3rd

Ah well

The month ends and we’re nowhere in the awards. Heres the league

366 - League

Damn its tight. 6 points between 1st and 10th.

367 - board

WTF where are all these losses coming from?