I went to the CBeebies Exhibition – Lowry – Manchester

I’d been meaning to go to this exhibition for a while, but for some reason only got round to it two days before it closed. Oops.

We probably picked one of the worst days to go as well, as when we got to the Lowry it turned out there was a CBeebies day going on, and the whole area outside was packed with kids watching a live stage performance by Rastamouse? Never heard of him.

The exhibition was celebrating 90 years of CBeebies… so what did we see?

We started out with one of the grandaddys of them all

2014-10-11 003Humpty was the iconic star of Play School but he was a bit before my time.

Play School eventually evolved into Play Bus, which later became known as Play Days and featured one of the best themes ever

And I got really excited to see my favourite character from the show

2014-10-11 004

The Mother F’n Why Bird. She was onviously excited to see me too as her eyes rolled back into her head in orgasmic pleasure.

Rach didnt even recognise her.  Why do I go out with her when she doesnt even know the Why Bird. She did know these fellas tho

2014-10-11 005

They always said Tinky Winky was the gay one, and its no shocker he took an interest in me.

After that we saw a few classic characters, again from well before my time.

2014-10-11 007 2014-10-11 006Flobalobalobal.

The exhibition went on to parts where it went through a load of stuff about Blue Peter, and Newsround, but then there was the best bit. A room full of some of the puppets and characters from across the years

Some werent as great

2014-10-11 008Otis the ardvark was a bit after my time. And he didnt have half the personality of this next ABSOLUTE LEGEND

2014-10-11 009

Did you know – Gordons leather jacket was actually a handmade gift from Adam Ant. Thank god it wasnt from Gary Glitter. This of course is Gordons best ever TV moment (skip to 2 minutes in if it doesnt automatically)

How many people have more personality than Gordon? Well, Ed the Duck wasnt there but this guy was…

2014-10-11 010


As well as Basil there were a few other classic guys

2014-10-11 011 2014-10-11 012 2014-10-11 013 2014-10-11 014




There was also this below which I found really cool. Its the set for a CBeebie show “Strange Hill High” and it was really weird to see the size, and where the holes were for the puppeteers
2014-10-11 015Also in a nice touch you could see a mini can of coke and a chocolate bar in the school teachers desks.

After this part there was a section with multiple TV screens showing some classic CBBC dramas

Can you name all 3?

2014-10-11 016 2014-10-11 019 2014-10-11 022


Was of course Byker Grove, 5 Children and It and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe where ya boy Aslan comes back from the dead and gives out a big Roar for all his bitches. What a guy.

We finished off with a timeline of CBeebies, where I learnt my childhood favourite started the same year I was born

2014-10-11 025

Always my fave – I even had my mum make me a Postman Pat cake once!


All in all its a great exhibition and I wish I could say that this was serving as an incentive for you to go see the exhibition, but Sunday the 13th is the last day, and by the time you read this it will be too late.