My 2016 Running Year in review – Part one – Jan to June!

So 2016 was an eventful year for me – I had one of the best days of my life, the happiest day of my life where I got to feel happy, sad and excited all at the same time while stood next to the woman I love.

Yes, I went to Wrestlemania with Rach.

Oh and I also got married.


2016 was a year where we also stepped up our running game. We became less about the speed and much more about the distance.  We completed a few half marathons, a marathon and I joined the 100 club at Parkrun.

So lets look at the year!


Runs – 10
Distance – 80.7km

January started with the best intentions, and a double parkrun. Its become a tradition for us to do two parkruns on New Years day, and we should be continuing that into 2017!

After that the rest of the month was pretty tame, we’d signed up for Blackpool half on Feb 21st, but the wedding planning (and my stag do, where we did plan a run but got a little too drunk), and the pre wedding photoshoot just seemed to get in the way a little, and we struggled along


Runs – 5
Distance – 58.3 km

Feb started with some big news – I’d got a place in the Great North Run! It had always been a dream of mine to run it, so this was a great start to what would become an eventful month.

From a running point of view I started ok, week one saw a three run week, and then the next week my taper before the half…. that saw a hell of a taper. 0 runs.

And then another total lack of runs the week after that till the day before Blackpool Half – The Great North West Half Marathon – where we decided to do a cheeky parkrun.

Blackpool came, and seemed to get hit with some of the worst conditions ever

See those waves? They were hitting the sea wall and soaking everybody running along the front. That wasn’t the worst part tho – when you turned round you were running on high ground that was against the wind. At points I could barely run the wind was slowing us so much.

We finished in 2 hour 16 mins.  And that would be the last race we’d ever do as an unmarried couple!

A week later I’d decided I was going to do a pre wedding run, but nerves got the better of me and I ended up throwing up on a pre breakfast walk instead!

One person did get a run on my wedding morning – my mum who was late to the church and turned up as Rach was outside!

But we then got married….

We even got special PRATs vests from the Holohans!


Runs – 5
Distance – 22.2 km

March was uneventful. Four weekends, four approx 5k runs (thanks Strava) and a cheeky small run as well

Of course we did wear the same clothes for one of them


Runs – 9
Distance – 43.3 km

We started April in Texas as part of our Honeymoon. And I instantly made a mistake at the airport at the security counter

Airport Security – Who you travelling with today?
Me – My wife
Airport Security – No, who are you flying with?
Me – My wife, she’s over there. We got married last month!
Airport Security – No sir, I mean which airline.
Me – Ohhhh

But finally we were flying off to the USA. And of course, when you visit another country you have to get a run in.

Aprils first run was a special one for me because we ran with Scotsman, an old online pal who I’ve known for over 10 years. He took up running because of Rach and I posting about it on twitter and Facebook, and was due to be in Texas for Wrestlemania at the same time as us. So I thought it would be cool if we found a 5k run that we could all do together.

I managed to find us a Salvation Army Charity run, signed us all up and he was set to do his first ever 5k. We arranged to meet at the start line, and this is how he found me

He told me later that he thought it was some kind of weird warm up that we did that involved ice packs and checking your blood pressure.

Unfortunately it wasnt!

On our walk down to the start line I somehow managed to trip on a grating and smash my head onto the pavement. I was left with a golfball sized lump, cuts and bruises all over and felt a bit woozy

But I’d promised my mate we would do a 5k with him so hell, whatever it took I was going to finish it.

So we ran along, with me not giving as much talk as I normally would whiel Rach continued to motivate Scots to finish his first 5k.

And finish we did!

The rest of the month was pretty uneventful. tho as it went on we were starting to think of starting out marathon training. It was going to have to start in May!


Runs – 16
Distance – 95.7 km

May was the start of Marathon training, and the beginning of dong 4 runs a week. But screw talking about the running part, one day we found a tyre swing!


Runs – 15
Distance – 136.9 km

June again was a boring month – Just a load of training through the month and nothing really exciting.

But we did end the month with some custom designed (by me) Buffs for the PRATs

Join me later for part two, where I have loads of races then stop running!