About Taff

I’m Chris, sometimes known as Taff. Well most of the time really.

I got the nickname because I was a welshman in university in Huddersfield where everyone had a nickname. There was Andy Chief, Andy Lad, Top Dave, Cum Head, and me. Some may see Taff as a racist name, but I dont really mind, and have used it everywhere.

I even got called Taff in some jobs I’ve worked in, at one point in my life the only people who called me Chris were family from back home.

I moved to Manchester after uni, working in various jobs and making some general fuck ups in my life till getting to where I am today, in a great relationship living with the girl I love, with a good job that has a lot of potential. Its all good. Rach will occasionally chip in with some blogs, or just make comments on mine. Shes a bit of a stalker, so she’ll be checking everything I write even if no one else does.

We had an awesome hamster called Chops. He ruled, till he died 🙁 Then Roly, he died. Then Lil, she died!