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I made some Scotch Eggs!

For Xmas I ended up gettng some money, and oe thingIve wanted to buy for a while is a Deep Fat Fryer. While they are obviously an unhealthy way of cooking as there is, there also certain things Ive always wanted to try cooking tha really require one.

So I was pretty happy to see that Asda had a decent one on offer for £20. I bought it, went home and promptly made some twice fried chips. This involves frying at a low heat, then letting the chips cool, then frying at a hotter temperature. They were pretty awesome, really crisp on the outside while still light and fluffy on the inside.

Today I got a chance to make something Ive always wanted to make – Scotch Eggs.

I used a Hairy Bikers recipie, which uses half sausage meat and half black pudding for the meat.

Heres some pics!


Scotch Eggs Cooking


Oh My!

They were amazing!

Bobby Flay ownz

So I bought Rach a present from her favourite TV chef

A recipie book for Burgers, fries and shakes! How exciting.

So I decided to also grab the ingrediants and cook up a burger, fries and shake for Rach too. I went with Bobbys signature burger, the Crunch Burger. Its the one n the front cover of the book above, and features a burger with onion, tomato and a crunch of crisps. I was a bit suprised, so I went for some Kettle chips. The burger itself is 100% beef with no other ingrediants at all, and Bobby reccomends this cool trick of poking a deep recess in the centre of the burger and as it cooks and expands that becomes flat, rather than if you hadnt done that the burger going out of shape.

I also made some Oven wedges with a mediteranian covering and a toasted marshmallow milkshake. Pics below!

They were delicious!