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Footbal Manager Diary – Season 4 Preseason (2016/7)

Football Manager 2014 LogoWe’re the champions. Yeah I keep mentioning this in the start but its a big deal. We now have to move on from the success and maintain things. How do we do that?

Make some signings.

The plan from our squad review – “Targets for next season have to be a striker (maybe 2) and at least one central defender. Maybe another left winger, and a reserve right back if Joey O’Brien leaves.”

Will we stick to it? MAAAAAYBBBBEEEEE

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Football Manager Diary – February 2016 – Who is the mystery signing?

Football Manager 2014 LogoSo its Feb, we’re top of the league, and in the knockouts of the Champions League. Our team is set and looks great, but we did make one mystery signing at the end of the transfer window.

A signing whos contract was almost up, with just 6 months left on his contract, for a fee of 1.5 million after 50 league games. A guy who has won Champions Leagues, World Cups, who has won everything there is to win.  One of the best players in his position

Who is he?

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Football Manager Diary – January 2016 – Dont expect any Transfers!

Football Manager 2014 LogoSo its January, usually one of the biggest periods for me, but for once I’m not expecting it to be.

We need players, in an ideal world I’d like a new striker, but we havent got any budget without sacrificing somewhere, and theres no one in the 1st team squad I really see as expendable.

Wow Taff, youve changed.

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Football Manager Diary – November 2015 – Where I go Gif Happy

Football Manager 2014 LogoYou know at the end of last season I was convinced we were gonna drop, that at some moment something would go wrong and we’d plummet down the table.

But we didnt.

This season, weirdly even tho we are 1st in the league I genuinely feel we have a chance. This month we can even get possibly qualify for the knockout stages of the Champs League.

We look good, we’re playing well, and we have a good first 11. Will it all go tits up now?
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