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Football Manager Diary – August 2015 – Season Starts here

Football Manager 2014 LogoSo pre-seasons done with (I never play it). Media are predicting us to finish a lowly 7th, despite our 3rd place finish last season.

Its time for West Hams first run in the champions league. Come on!

In the last instalment I did all my transfer business, get my squad sorted and then one of my 1st team defenders (Tomkins) gets a long term injury a week before the season starts.

Fucks sake.
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Football Manager Diary – Season 3 2015/16 Preseason

Football Manager 2014 LogoSo we’ve done the squad review, so now its time to start the transfer activity.

In the squad review I identified the following positions as needing expansion : A left back and a new centre back are must buys, a right winger is needed to replace Zaha whos loan is finishing, a young centre midfielder would be nice but not urgent, and a second striker more like Carroll may be needed to give him a rest occasionally.

So lets see how we get on….

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Football Manager Diary – February 2015 – It all goes wrong?

Transfer deadline day logoSo we left the last instalment with a fabulous month leaving us 3rd in the table, and with a real chance of getting that targeted Europa League qualifying place.

Plus, we still have 2 days of the transfer window, and around 5 million in the warchest to bring us in a mega transfer deadline day signing that will help us seal that place

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Football Manager Diary – S2 – Dirty December

Football Manager 2014 LogoSo we’re suffering, there’s no way to avoid mentioning that.. Despite saying we could get the Europa League this year we’re currently struggling

One of the big problems we’ve had is possession. While on many times we’ve had a decent amount of shots, there’s been times where we’ve had around 30-40% possession and that just isn’t acceptable. So its time for an overhaul. This is the tactic I’ve come up with

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