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Football Manager Diary – September

Football Manager 2014 LogoWe left our last installment with West Ham 15th in the table with 1 win from 3 Premiership games. The end of the transfer window is usually 31st of August, but as that landed on a Saturday its been moved to the 2nd of September, so Ive got 2 days to make any squad improvements!

Ultimately the plan has to be another striker. Petric appears to be workig hard, but he cant play every game. I’m resigned to not selling McCartney, Adrian and Vaz Te so I take them off the transfer list. Diarra just wont leave, and at 60k a week in wages you cant blame him.

But its time for my favourite FM day.

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Football Manager Diary – August

Football Manager 2014 LogoSo we left the last installment with my 1st match about to start, a big Monday night football game against Spurs away.

For each month I play I’m going to set myself a target. For the first month I want to see how the team performs and develops based upon the formations I’ve created. This is only the second game Ive started in FM2014 and so I dont want to get too overexcited.

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Football Manager Diary – Preseason

Looking at theFootball Manager 2014 Logo side I decide early on to set myself a little rule that I probably wont manage to stick to. when playing FM you can expand the amount of your transfer budget by setting deals to take place over 4 years rather than payment upfront. This makes it slightly easier to make signings. For this window, I only want to use this while trying to sign a Goalkeeper, everyone else must be through the normal budget.

Straight away I send the scouts out to find a goalkeeper, and to check out the free transfer list. I’m big into scouting, and in this first stint I have over 500 players that I look at, including

– any players on the free transfer list that show as Wanted by another club
– any player interested in coming to me with a value of 5 million plus
– any player on the transfer or loan list with a value down to 500k

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Football Manager Diary – Setting up the game

SFootball Manager 2014 Logoo much like Scotsman over on his blog I’m starting a game of Football Manager 2014, and am going to do a couple of updates on how I do till I either get bored or annoyed.

I’m starting the game with a lot of leagues included. The full English league down to League 2 along the top 2 divisions in Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain are active and able to be managed in, and the MLS, Belgian, Argentinian, Dutch and Brazilian leagues are active but unplayable.

I set myself as a ex international player, and start up the game and select my team.

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