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Football Manager Diary S2 – Wake me up when September ends.

Football Manager 2014 LogoIts been a difficult start, we’re currently 12th in the league with 2 wins, 1 loss and 2 draws.

In the summer transfer window, after a successful season winning the Skrill Premier league we signed 17 players. Maybe thats causing some disharmony?

Heres how the squad currently looks

207 - Squad

As you can see theres a few players who arent of 1st team quality right now. Also Guillaume has clearly gone downhill since last year.

2-9-2014 Bristol Rovers vs Coventry – Johnstones Trophy 2nd round

Dunn and Lawrence make their debuts. Coventry are in League 1, and are heavy favourites. We’re a 4-1 shot.

Its all us early on and Derbyshire looks to be enjoying playing with Dunn as he gets a few early chances, but shoots wide. We take the lead on 11 minutes, Lawrence capping his debut with a screaming free kick. Coventry equalise after a long ball evades our defence and Barton shoots in from outside the box.

Into the second half and I bring on Guillaume and Brunt to try and change things. Derbyshire has a great chance but its saved. Dunn is knackered, so I withdraw him for Sinnott. The game dies out and its a penalty shoot out

Sinnott for Bristol Rovers… SCORES 1-0
Pavey for Coventry…. ARNOLD SAVES! 1-0
Lawrence for Bristol Rovers…. SCORES! 2-0
Daniels for Coventry… SCORES 2-1
Derbyshire for Bristol Rovers…. SCORES 3-1
Baker for Coventry…. SCORES 3-2
Fofana for Bristol Rovers…. SCORES 4-2
Barton for Coventry has to score to keep them in it…. AND DOES 4-3
Brunt steps up and can win the match…. AND HE DOES 5-3 ON PENS!

Bristol Rovers 1-1 Coventry
Lawrence (12) – Barton (34)

Dominant performance over a team in the league above us – 13 shots to their 6

Fofana picked up an injury and will be out for 6 weeks

Lee Brown has also picked up an injury and is out for 3 months.

6-9-14 – Bristol Rovers (12th) vs Luton (13th)

Lawrence is on international duty and Dunn is tired so Gonzalez is playing in the AM role.

Luton take the lead, Ruddock scoring from a 10th minute corner. Sinnott hits the post 5 minutes later from the edge of the box. 2 minutes later Brunt plays in Derbyshire and he finally gets off the mark, smashing past the keeper! Luton grab the lead again, a through ball cutting our defence in half and Gray hits across the keeper.

At half time I question the boys passion.

20 minutes in and theres been little change so I throw ion Guillaume. He plays in Derbyshire who shoots wide, then Atkinson shoots wide when 1v1. Derbyshire hits the post as its all us. With 15 minutes left a long throw into the box is smashed in by Jackson to equalise.

We dont get another chance to win.

Bristol Rovers 2-2 Luton
Derbyshire (18) Jackson (75) – Ruddock (9), Gray (28)
League Position – 11th

15 shots to their 4. Come on lads for fucks sake

13-9-14 – Exeter (17th) vs Bristol Rovers (11th)

A dead first half, but on 41 minutes Lawrence plays through Chantler and he crosses for Brunt to score. Thats the only highlight of the half!

And of the second half. What a shit match. As I go to do the team talk I press the wrong button and accidently criticise the team – but they all get motivated by it

211 - team meeting

Note to self, dont be so nice.

Exeter 0-1 Bristol Rovers
Brunt (41)
League position – 8th

Bit of bad news before our next game

212 Arnold

Fuck. We have 2 young guys to choose from for the next match

20-9-14 – Bristol Rovers (8th) vs Morecambe (24th)

Possibly the best match for having to play our sub keeper O’Brien, we’re up against the bottom club. Dunn gets a start, with Lawrence on the bench

Its Dunn who gets the early goal, smashing in from the edge of the box in the 7th minute. Our lead is doubled by Sinnott with this strike

213 - Sinnott goal


Derbyshire goes through and shoots wide. He’s not been the signing I expected.

Into the second half and Morecambe have a few early chances but O’Brien in goal does well. Leghait comes on for Derbyshire, and has a chance but shoots at the keeper. Guillaume comes on and he has a good chance tipped over.

Its a good win

Bristol Rovers 2-0 Morecambe
Dunn (7), Sinnott (27)
League position 5th

A good result. Lets have a peek at the table

214 table

Feeling pretty good about…


Whos that in 4th.

*Ring Ring*

Reid-Phone-Head– Its time.

27-9-14 – Bristol Rovers (5th) vs Oxford (4th)

Lets look at the line ups

215 Oxford

Making a bold decision to drop Derbyshire and give Fletcher a start. Dake Kitson is playing in the hole for them and is the real danger man.

Oxford get the first chance, with Bunn shooting wide. Thats the only highlight till just before half time – Oxford win a corner and Kitson heads wide.

Despite the lack of higlights, weve had some things happen this half.

216 stats

The team talk is going to be key. I get aggressive.

217 team talk

It takes 6 minute into the second half for our 1st highlight.

218 Brunt Oxford


I throw Derbyshire and Mozika on. The game has slowed dramatically. Gonzalez comes on and he wins a corner with 10 minutes to go, but Guthrie heads wide. I go all out defensive, happy to take the win…. and we do!

219 stat

Im delighted and I tell the players so

220 team talk

Bristol Rovers 1-0 Oxford
Brunt (51)
League Position – 2nd

What a way to end the result

Brunt takes young player of the month

221 - YPOTM

We also get 3rd in Manager of the Month.

222 - MOTM

While waiting for the board report I decide to look at the fans thoughts

223 - derbyshire


Board report is in

224 -Board

Looks like Derbyshire is on his way out before he’s even begun. Thank fuck I only got him on a 1 year deal.

Oh and one last thing


Running Man – Worsley Woods Park Run 26-07-2014

parkrun logoSo last week I was a bit disapointed with my time and was looking to bounce back. However we did do a run on wednesday, and during my pre run stretch I felt my left calf tweak, and I knew something was up. When I started running it felt really sore but I tried to push through and do it anyway.

I probably should have rested, but I did the parkrun anyway.

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Football Manager Diary S1 – April – Record Breakers!

Football Manager 2014 LogoLast month we won the league, won the FA trophy, and discovered that my big rival Peter Reid had turned an early season run into a collapse, falling from 1st to 10th in the table

It was a good month.

The only thing left to do is finish the season and break the Conference record of 105 points. We currently stand on 99. Theres also a real outside chance of getting a goal difference of +100. We’re on +80, with only 6 games left with the first of those being 2nd placed Hereford. I dont think we can do it.

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Football Manager Diary S1 – March – Lets win some fricking trophies

Football Manager 2014 LogoThis month we will play 8 matches, can seal the title (if results really go our way) and win our first proper piece of silverware with the FA Trophy on 23rd of March.

Leading us to the title are our front three.

Laurent Guillaume, a 33 year old Frenchman who according to his stats had only played 7 games before I found him

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Running Man – Newport Park Run 19-07-2014

parkrun logoSo last week I got a personal best, for the 2nd week running, and bought a flash pair of trainers.  We also joined the Sweatshop running club, so did a 5K on wednesday as well.

This week I’ll be running with my mum and family back home in Wales.  I’d got down quite late on Friday, met Mum at the pub, had a few drinks and then had a few more, and a chinese. Not the best prep for a park run!

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