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I made some Scotch Eggs!

For Xmas I ended up gettng some money, and oe thingIve wanted to buy for a while is a Deep Fat Fryer. While they are obviously an unhealthy way of cooking as there is, there also certain things Ive always wanted to try cooking tha really require one.

So I was pretty happy to see that Asda had a decent one on offer for £20. I bought it, went home and promptly made some twice fried chips. This involves frying at a low heat, then letting the chips cool, then frying at a hotter temperature. They were pretty awesome, really crisp on the outside while still light and fluffy on the inside.

Today I got a chance to make something Ive always wanted to make – Scotch Eggs.

I used a Hairy Bikers recipie, which uses half sausage meat and half black pudding for the meat.

Heres some pics!


Scotch Eggs Cooking


Oh My!

They were amazing!

What happened in 2010?

Because I dont really update my blog (through a combination of being lazy and having nothing to really write about) I figured I’d do a quick round up od what happened in 2010 for me.


Nothing changed majorly, though there was a focus on giving me greater resposibility. At the end of the year we geared up for a move to a new building which is finalised and we start there next week. Hopefully this will lead to less stress and make it easier to get things done. I cant say I always go home happy, but its better than it could be.


We moved. From the flat into a house. Move went through about halfway through the year, and we pay only about £50 more a month than we did for the flat. Its a two bedroom terrace, with a small back yard. Anyone who visits says it reminds them of Coronation Street, because out back when you leave the yard theres a back lane thats gated at either side, with all the neighbours having benches and plants out there to make it look pretty. At the moment our bit is empty. We did end up getting a BBQ (for almost £100!), and a table and chairs set for the yard and I cant wait till the weather is better so we can sit out there and chill with a book while our food cooks.

Having a house is great, theres more space, we always have somewhere to stay and its meant we have more space just for stuff, so we have a whole shelf of cookbooks in the kitchen and we’ve managed to buy a load of things we wouldnt have had room for in the house.

I ended up getting a iPhone, putting me on a phone contract for the first time since 2000ish. I dont really call or text many people, I never use my limits, but I cant say I dont use it enough. I’m always sat messing with apps, checking my email or looking at the net.

Theres talk of us looking at buying a house in 2011, but Im not so sure about that.


Everythings cool with me and Rach. Chops is still round, and still awesome.

Hmm, so thats all of me for 2010 that I can think of, maybe I’ll do another one later with my movies, TV and music of 2010.

Bobby Flay ownz

So I bought Rach a present from her favourite TV chef

A recipie book for Burgers, fries and shakes! How exciting.

So I decided to also grab the ingrediants and cook up a burger, fries and shake for Rach too. I went with Bobbys signature burger, the Crunch Burger. Its the one n the front cover of the book above, and features a burger with onion, tomato and a crunch of crisps. I was a bit suprised, so I went for some Kettle chips. The burger itself is 100% beef with no other ingrediants at all, and Bobby reccomends this cool trick of poking a deep recess in the centre of the burger and as it cooks and expands that becomes flat, rather than if you hadnt done that the burger going out of shape.

I also made some Oven wedges with a mediteranian covering and a toasted marshmallow milkshake. Pics below!

They were delicious!