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Someone buy me this book – Super Graphic

Yeah someone buy me this. Graphs are cool

Super Graphic book

The comic book universe is adventurous, mystifying and filled with heroes, villains and ComicCon attendees. This book by one of Wired magazine’s art directors traverses the graphic world through a collection of pie charts, bar graphs, timelines, scatter plots and more. Super Graphic offers readers a unique look at the intricate and sometimes contradictory storylines that weave their way through comic books and shares advice for navigating the pages of some of the most popular, longest-running and best-loved comics and graphic novels out there. From a colourful breakdown of the DC Comics reader demographic to a witty Venn diagram of superhero comic tropes and a Chris Ware sadness scale, this book charts the most arbitrary and monumental characters, moments and equipment of the wide world of comics.

Jamie Carragher is a dick

“If the England Manager called and said “I’d like you to come out of retirement”, what would you say?”

“I’d love to work with Capello, but I’d say no. I read an interview with Alessandro Nesta who’s been asked to come back for Italy and he said he couldnt because he’d be taking someones spot who’d helped get them there. I feel the same. You can’t just walk in when others have put the graft in”

Jamie Carragher, FourFourTwo Magazine, April 2010.
May 2010, Jamie Carragher named in Englands 30 man preliminary World Cup Squad.

What a cunt