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Mini Game Reviews : Dead Space, Alpha Protocol, Fight Night Champion, Red Dead Undead Nightmare, Portal 2, Peggle, Streets of Rage

Thought I’d write some quick mini reviews of games Ive been playing in the last weeks.


Dead Space

Pretty fun little game, but not really my cup of tea. I was never truly into the story which seemed poor anyway, and I blasted through the game using just one weapon as I knew there was a precious achievement for this. It was a decently fun game which I as only playing because friends had reccomended Dead Space 2 so I figured I should play the first one first.

You’re some bloke on a space ship, and theres alien shit attacking you is the very basic story. ~The aliens dont die unless you dismember them which means you have a varietyKilling aliens means you have to chop off their body parts so they die, by using a variety of weapons at your disposal. This was probably the best and most unique part of the game. The story seemed deep, but I cut over most of the cut scenes after a while because I was becoming bored of the game. Its decent tho and a solid play along

Rating : 2.5/5
Acheivements won : 40/48

Alpha Protocol

Based on Scotsmans review I grabbed this game from my rental service too. From reading about this game before hand it seemed to be a love it or hate it game, with many conflicting views. Scotsman LOVES the game, but he also loves Two and a Half Men, so I was looking forward to seeing how this played.

After a little bit I was bored, because it felt kind of clunky, and the responses werent always what I expected. It uses a nice feature where you have one of three responses you can give to a question, and you select which one while the other person is talking so whichever option is selected when they finish speaking is what you say. This makes conversations in the game flow much quicker, and make you think about what you say. The developers have said that the three main response choices you can give are based on the three famous JBs of film and TV : “professional” (Jason Bourne), “suave” (James Bond), and “aggressive” (Jack Bauer). You may also have a fourth option at times that will be based around a special choice.

This conversation format is very unique and really is the best part of the game, much better than my previous favourite conversation style in a game whichg is Mass Effect, where you can sit forever before making a choice.

However the shooting seems terrible, with certain features being massively overpowered (the chainshot skill can kill a boss in seconds) and others feeling just unneeded. The graphics are good, but at times I felt like they were very old school, a similar feeling I got when playing Homefront.

Its a decent enough game tho, and I do like that the game does change slightly based on your decisions, which means plenty of play throughs for those who love the game. I’d say give it a try if you can find it cheap

Rating : 3/5
Acheivements won : 36/50

Fight Night Champion

Out of the games Ive played this was the one that I really wanted to play. I loved Fight Night 3, having some epic online battles against Scotsman where he was a one hit wonder, while I was more of a slogger wearing him down which lead to some long battles where I would be slowly taking him out then he’d hit a punch out of nowhere and knock me down. It was a genuinely great game and the first one I got 100% achievements in.

Its sequel Fight Night 4 was a real step backwards. While they introduced new punch controls meant to make punching more fluid, it actually resulted in fights being a lot more “throw 1000 punches till one connects”. While some may have grasped the new controls through sustained practice, for an ameteur to watching boxing or playing boxing games like me it just made throwing a punch a lottery as to whether it would be a hook or a uppercut or a jab. As well as this they threw much more of a focus on the online aspect, with title belts available for the top players. Unfortunately they took these as real belts so only one belt was available in each weight category which led to players using alternative accounts to hold onto the belt rather than fighting real contendors. One good feature they did introduce was the ability to download other peoples boxers, so I ended up with the likes of Eminem, Michael Jackson, Hitler and Saddam Hussein in my lightweight category

So with Fight Night Champion I was hoping for more of a return to the addictive play of 3, while keeping some of the aspects of 4. When you load the game youre immediately thrust into a storymode where you take a young boxer through his career, with cut scenes showing various aspects outside of the ring. This bit was fun and undoubtably the best part of the game, with the boxer going from a young up and comer, being sent to jail before finally rising up to beat the unbeatable champion with some great little storylines interweaving. Unfortunately its also rather short, and once done you’re left with a game much like Fight Night 4.

The boxing again feels to me like throwing a million punches until you hit a few, though this is more me than the game, as whenever I went online I would get decimated. Online is just a freak show, and since no one I know has the game I cant really say what it feels like to have a fun game with a friend

What I do feel is that there doesnt seem to be enough training in the game, it just assumes you know how to box. I could have done with a better tutorial, where rather than telling you “this button does this” it tells you more about how to play the game.

Rating : 2/5
Achievements : 25 of 44

Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

I loved Red Dead, despite its flaws much of the game is very good, and its one of the few games where I really appreciated the backgrounds and asthetics of the game. When the game goes into sunrise the backdrops are stunning. I traded it in before the Undead Nightmare pack came out on DLC, so with it on a standalone disk now I decided to rent it.

Its ok, theres some nice touches with some of your old friends and enemies from the full game coming back to haunt you, however it still suffers from many of the same problems as the main game. Riding around can be dull, but in the main game you could avoid this by fast travelling by setting up camps in the wilderness and travelling quickly to set markers or towns. However seeing as in this add on you’re in a zombie infested wilderness they took out the ability to do this. This means increased riding, and increased boredom between missions.

The missions themselves are fun with a bit of good humour in the cut scenes but these suffer sometimes from the same issues that the main game did – they occassionally drag a little too much when you just want to play. By the time I was getting to the later missions I felt that I didnt want to really play anymore because I wasnt really in to the story.

As a DLC its great, it shows the love the developers had for the game in making such a great add on. For me though its little things that take it down to a more average score

Rating : 3/5
Achievements : 19 of 47 DLC achievements

Portal 2

Portal 2

Portal is one of those games that the internet loved and latched onto. With its quirky injokes (the cake is a lie!) and fun gameplay it was just one of these games that people raved about. Because of this type of hype, these games can often end up being a let down, but Portal was actually quite a sweet little game. For those who have never played the game, you walk around in a 1st person perspective with a Portal gun that lets you shoot an orange and a blue portal. You enter a orange portal and come out of the blue one, and vice versa. You can use these to travel further, or make longer jumps than you otherwise could.

Portal 2 expands on the original game, adding a new character voiced by Stephen Merchant, new features with different gels which effect your movement, an addictive 2 player game, and the same great humour as you play. The single player story see’s you awaken within the Apeture facility and after a series of little test chambers where you “relearn” the controls you stroll straight into the main game. The game see’s you attempting to first escape from the facility by allowing your new “friend” Wheatly to take over the facility so you can escape, only it doesnt quite happen that way….

Portal 2

The puzzles themselves are great fun, often requiring you to think outside the box in where you place your portals in order to move objects, direct laser beams or bridges, or just get from one position to another. The two player game adds another element, with a friend also with a portal gun meaning you now have double the portals and double the amount of thinking to defeat the challenges.

A really fun game and I’d really reccomend it – especially if its dropped in price.

Rating :4.5/5
Achievements : 50 of 50

Couple of Arcade games, with even smaller reviews.


Shoot out balls, and hit the orange Pegs. Massive fun, one of my favourite arcade games. Fancy a peg party?

Rating :4/5
Achievements : 7 of 12

Streets of Rage

Eh, an old game that shows its age. For fans only, gets old very quickly.

Rating :2/5
Achievements :7 of 12


Achievement Whoring – Virtual Legend

I hit a goal I had set for the end of the year (lol) of 3000 achievements won. This worked out at the time at 250 over 352 days. I got it in 3 months, lol.

Ive set myself a goal of getting to 100k by the end of the yea, this isnt a realistic goal, its just cause I want to track it. My actual goal is 75k and Im on target for this.

Ive also set myself a goal of beating Nibbles TA score. Obviously he plays for the more difficult achievements which get higher TA%. The thing about this is hes set himself a goal of beating my Gamerscore. Will be a fun battle.

Started at the following
TA : 89,768 vs 94,834 – 5066 difference
GS : 63,495 vs 58,430 – 5065 difference

Will be interesting to see who gets there first.

In games, I played a bunch of Lips (31/40), sent back Homefront (26/47), got a few on Borderlands (31/50), nabbed one on Crash Course (11/12) and Battlefield 1943 (11/12).

But the crowning glory was this achievement

Ive been sitting on 45 of 46 for a few weeks. Id been sitting on 43 of 46 for months. The last 3 achievements were for

1) Playing in every stadium – theres 50 stadiums
2) Playing as a team from every league – Theres around 30 leagues.
3) Playing 500 games with your virtual Pro.

1 + 2 were fairly easy to track once I’d set out to, though they were difficuly and time consuming to get. I stuck a spreadsheet on Googledocs ad loaded it up everytime I played to check leagues and stadiums off.

3 was a killer. 500 games, a minimum of 8 minutes a game, works out as almost 3 days solid of just playing Fifa. Add in the fact that any matches I lost connection from wouldnt count and you have a fucking time consuming achievo.

Thankfully, I got it this week, playing online clubs and 1k’d Fifa 11. Get the fuck in.

This week I will be mostly playing Dead Space which just arrived from my rental place. I should be getting another game in the next few days from my Top 5, which is Fight Night, Top Spin 4, Alpha Protocol (reccomended by Scotsman), Crysis 2 and Red Dead Undead Nightmares.

Homefront isnt very good.

It really isnt.

I have been playing a lot more Xbox lately, mainly because I signed up for a games rental service, and it mean while Im saving money from not buying games, I also get to play a lot more games that I get from them.

Since I signed up Ive had XMen Wolverine, NBA Jam, NBA 2K11 (which I played half a game then sent back), Spiderman Web Of Shadows, Splinter Cell Conviction and Lego Harry Potter. In all its been mainly positives for the games

Enter Homefront.

I got this on Friday, I didnt want it and had only put it in my rental list as I wanted to get Fight Night Champion which came out last week, and I thought putting a new release in there may make it more likely that they send me the game I want.

Homefront has a ridiculous story. North Koreas leader dies, and his son takes over. Shortly after Korea is reunited. Various oher things happen, then Korea take over Japan, Canada and Mexico close their borders to America due to various reasons including their instability and a birdflu epidemic. Korea launch a satelite which switches off power in America, and then invade America via Hawaii. You join as one of the rebels fighting back against the Koreans

Its just totally OTT.The game has a couple of little pieces that it expects to get a rise out of you for, including the discovery of mass graves, a kids parents being shot infront of him, and some people being tortured.  The problem is the character models are so bad that none of these are particulary moving or horrific in a way that say the Airport mission of COD4 was.

Its full of little things that annoy me. Paths you have to walk down following a colleague who blocks your way with invisible walls even though theres space to get past him. Then shortly after one of the other people on my team stood on the same spot as me and I was seeing through their body. and seeing the inside of their eyeballs – it was just so terrible.

The rebel forces arent very well equipped, so you dont have access to a lot of ammo or guns and youre meant to keep having to take stuff from enemies to ensure youre always stocked up. However there was never a moment where I felt low on ammo and that I had pressure on me to find anything. It seems silly to put such a feature in then make it have little difference.

The single player campaign is insanely short, just 5-6 hours. Even me as a complete amateur completed it easily. Some of the achievements are well done, but they do require you to play through the game about 3 times including once on the hardest difficulty in order to get 100% of them in the game.

Its just not an entirely enjoyable game. I think I’ll be sending it back this week.

Sonic 4 doesnt seem very good

So Sonic 4 dropped this week and I was pretty excited.

I was a Sega rather than Nintendo fan when I was growing up, and I loved the Sonic games. I bought them all on Xbox Arcade and completed them all again, still loving the simplicity of the gameplay. So when they announced Sonic 4, a genuine sequel to the side scrolling Sonic games rather than a new imagining like all the recent Sonic games which featured him as a knight or ware-hog or other bollocks that made little sense, I was pretty excited.

Ive avoided all the press about the game, alll I knew was it was returning to its roots. So when I picked up the demo I was ready to be loving it.

But I didnt. 🙁

Heres a video of the gameplay

Its just lost the charm, maybe its the 3d look of the characters, maybe its because it doesnt feel like Im in control when Sonic is in the air, maybe its the retarded thing that when you jump you can lock onto things and surge towards them and crush them

It just isnt very good.

Im off to not bother buying this, and instead play Sonic 2 some more.