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I just discovered Seinfeld 3

I just discovered Seinfeld

I’d never really watched Seinfeld until recently, despite its fame as one of the top rated American sitcoms of all time, but recently Ive been marathoning through the entirety of the show and I...

Man United Trophy Parade Pictures 0

Man United Trophy Parade Pictures

Me and Ayresy went to Old Trafford to watch the Man United Premier League Trophy parade. Heres some pics, and a few videos at the end!

Achievement Whoring – Virtual Legend 0

Achievement Whoring – Virtual Legend

I hit a goal I had set for the end of the year (lol) of 3000 achievements won. This worked out at the time at 250 over 352 days. I got it in 3...

Homefront isnt very good. 2

Homefront isnt very good.

It really isnt. I have been playing a lot more Xbox lately, mainly because I signed up for a games rental service, and it mean while Im saving money from not buying games, I...

I made some Scotch Eggs! 0

I made some Scotch Eggs!

For Xmas I ended up gettng some money, and oe thingIve wanted to buy for a while is a Deep Fat Fryer. While they are obviously an unhealthy way of cooking as there is,...

What happened in 2010? 0

What happened in 2010?

Because I dont really update my blog (through a combination of being lazy and having nothing to really write about) I figured I’d do a quick round up od what happened in 2010 for...

New Alan Partridge Video – Mid Morning Matters 0

New Alan Partridge Video – Mid Morning Matters

Alan Partridge is back. 12 new 11 minute episodes written by Armando Iannucci and Coogan have been commissioned by Fosters as part of some new ad campaign Im excited. Heres the trailer

Sonic 4 doesnt seem very good 2

Sonic 4 doesnt seem very good

So Sonic 4 dropped this week and I was pretty excited. I was a Sega rather than Nintendo fan when I was growing up, and I loved the Sonic games. I bought them all...