Bobby Flay ownz

So I bought Rach a present from her favourite TV chef

A recipie book for Burgers, fries and shakes! How exciting.

So I decided to also grab the ingrediants and cook up a burger, fries and shake for Rach too. I went with Bobbys signature burger, the Crunch Burger. Its the one n the front cover of the book above, and features a burger with onion, tomato and a crunch of crisps. I was a bit suprised, so I went for some Kettle chips. The burger itself is 100% beef with no other ingrediants at all, and Bobby reccomends this cool trick of poking a deep recess in the centre of the burger and as it cooks and expands that becomes flat, rather than if you hadnt done that the burger going out of shape.

I also made some Oven wedges with a mediteranian covering and a toasted marshmallow milkshake. Pics below!

They were delicious!

TV Shows I like at the moment

Ive been watching a lot of TV shows lately, partly because I uploaded a load onto my ipod which means that I can easily watch a half hour show over my lunch.

I figured I’d let you know some of the shows that I like and dont like that Ive watched recently.

The Great – Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Jesus Christ – how have I missed this show? I knew of it, but never felt inclined to watch. However Ricky Gervais has been banging on about it for a while on his blog, and has filmed a guest slot for next season so I figured I’d try it. Possibly one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. I’m halfway through season two and its terrific. Larry David plays a version of himself who always says what he thinks. Its a programme where sometimes you can anticipate the mishaps that are about to happen, and makes you cringe sometimes, but that doesnt make it any less funny as usually its even worse than you imagine.

The Bad – Shit My Dad Says

A show based on a twitter feed? Great! Theres a twitter where a guy posts the weird and funny shit that his dad says and it got commissioned into a TV show with William Shatnar as the titular dad. One episode in and its fucking terrible, the kind of absolute dross that Scotsman would watch. Avoid at all costs

The Amazing – Community

Season 2 started this week and holy shit have I missed it. From the opening 17 seconds I was laughing and it didnt stop till the end. Such a absolutely fantastic show that has created its own reality bubble. Its hilarious, with Chevy Chase on top form, and every character holding their own in the episode. Abed is probably my favourite, relating everything that happens to a tv show or film. I cant do this show justice, its probably my favourite show at the moment, I even watched the 1st series 3 times in the last 12 months.

The Good – Sons of Anarchy

Theres been a hole in my life ever since the Shield finished, and Sons has gone some way to filling that gap. The third season is starting a little slow, but this is still a must watch for me and Rach every week now.

More later probably. I got bored of writing

Jamie Carragher is a dick

“If the England Manager called and said “I’d like you to come out of retirement”, what would you say?”

“I’d love to work with Capello, but I’d say no. I read an interview with Alessandro Nesta who’s been asked to come back for Italy and he said he couldnt because he’d be taking someones spot who’d helped get them there. I feel the same. You can’t just walk in when others have put the graft in”

Jamie Carragher, FourFourTwo Magazine, April 2010.
May 2010, Jamie Carragher named in Englands 30 man preliminary World Cup Squad.

What a cunt