Running Man – Worsley Woods Parkrun 28-6-2014

parkrun logoLast weeks run was a real nightmare.

One of the slowest Ive done since I started back doing park runs. I just felt tired after the holiday, and not at it.

This week Ive started dieting again, keeping a count on my calories. Its time to get a bit more serious about getting fit and losing weight. How long it lasts I’m not sure, but I will try

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Running Man – Worsley Woods Parkrun 31-5-2014

parkrun logoSo last week I didnt update the running blog, which probably made some people think it was a one time thing. Well actually the blisters I got from running 2 weeks ago left me barely able to walk so I volunteered instead. I ended up being timer, which I felt a lot of pressure on cause if I fucked up everyones gonna be mad at poor old Taffy! But we’re back to running the parkrun this week, before a 2 week break (volunteering next week and on holiday the week after).

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Running Man – Worsley Woods Parkrun 17-5-14

parkrun logoDecided to update the blog on my running. This first one will probably be a bit longer than most. In the blogs I’m going to try and map the routes using the Runkeeper app, and post times and splits. Hopefully that will help keep track of how I’m doing.

As some of you may know, when I was 17-18 I was an active Triathlete, its something that I bring up every time any kind of physical activity gets brought up. My mum actually started doing the training first as she was dieting and as part of the diet if you did exercise you got to eat more which seemed a decent exchange.   Growing up I was always pretty skinny and when I started doing the triathlon training I quickly became pretty good

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Footbal Manager Diary – Season 4 Preseason (2016/7)

Football Manager 2014 LogoWe’re the champions. Yeah I keep mentioning this in the start but its a big deal. We now have to move on from the success and maintain things. How do we do that?

Make some signings.

The plan from our squad review – “Targets for next season have to be a striker (maybe 2) and at least one central defender. Maybe another left winger, and a reserve right back if Joey O’Brien leaves.”

Will we stick to it? MAAAAAYBBBBEEEEE

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