Football Manager Diary S1 – April – Record Breakers!

Football Manager 2014 LogoLast month we won the league, won the FA trophy, and discovered that my big rival Peter Reid had turned an early season run into a collapse, falling from 1st to 10th in the table

It was a good month.

The only thing left to do is finish the season and break the Conference record of 105 points. We currently stand on 99. Theres also a real outside chance of getting a goal difference of +100. We’re on +80, with only 6 games left with the first of those being 2nd placed Hereford. I dont think we can do it.

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Football Manager Diary S1 – March – Lets win some fricking trophies

Football Manager 2014 LogoThis month we will play 8 matches, can seal the title (if results really go our way) and win our first proper piece of silverware with the FA Trophy on 23rd of March.

Leading us to the title are our front three.

Laurent Guillaume, a 33 year old Frenchman who according to his stats had only played 7 games before I found him

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Football Manager Diary S1 – January – Loans, loans and more fricking loans.

Football Manager 2014 LogoWe’re still in the FA Cup, and will face Stoke in a big money clash this month. We’re also still in the FA Trophy, and we’re top of the league – tho we do have only a 6 point lead now with a game in hand.

The one worry is the finances. Our wage bill stands at 18k, which is 1k above where it should be.


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Running Man – Worsley Woods Park Run 12-07-2014

parkrun logoSo last week I got a personal best, everything was right, I was running on my own and felt good and the weather was that just slightly cold, slightly wet that is ideal for running.

This week Rach was back, and it was absolutely roasting out. Last week she ran in Birmingham and I beat her time there, but its been a while since Ive finished in front of her.

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Football Manager Diary S1 – October – EASY EASY EASY

Football Manager 2014 LogoSo we’re 2 months into the season, top of the league and kicking some serious arse.

This month is all down to keeping the run going, maintaining the position.

At the end of this month we’ll also have the FA Cup qualifying match which will give us a real boost financially if we can qualify.

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Football Manager Diary S1 – September – Keeping the run going

Football Manager 2014 LogoFirst month as a manager. First manager of the month award.

Top of the table. Who said this management game was difficult? But still theres one pain that burns. The memory that I was rejected as Oxford manager in favour of Peter Fucking Reid.

Its time to take to the phone

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